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Black Bean, Edamame and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

A salad like this is the PERFect thing to have in your fridge for the sticky summer nights. So many people opt to just grill chicken or fish for dinner, but that makes for a pretty boring plate. Who wants to steam broccoli or bake a sweet potato when it’s 98 degrees outside? Instead,...

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Coconut Cake

I like homemaking things, as in, I like food that is homemade. I think it tastes better, and I like that I can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients used to make it. That being said, when a recipe has TOO much involved, I pass. If it’s full of arbitrary ingredients that are stupid...

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Grilled Chicken Salad, Mexican Style

A restaurant menu with great salad options is the best – like Iron Hill’s. It’s easier to resist the burgers and pizzas when the salads sound so scrumptious. However, I find it difficult to create these huge, multi-ingredient salads at home as I never seem to have the long list (and small amounts) of...