San Fran Recap

San Fran Recap

We left early early Sunday morning and by Sunday afternoon we were watching the boats whip around the harbor, cheering on the US boat in the America’s Cup Championship. It was a crazy beautiful afternoon in one of the most gorgeous cities – and I was in tears.

Like, inexplainable amounts of tears. Embarrassing amounts. My mom was being wonderfully sweet and consoling but it wasn’t until I talked to my husband and he basically told me to buck the heck up that things turned around. In retrospect I think I was feeling guilty – over leaving Tess, for putting out my mother-in-law as she was on kid-duty all week, my mom for a week out of her fall to help me, and my husband who lost five pounds while I was gone.

Monday morning after a quick run in the hotel’s gym I got to meet the production team, as well as my competitors. There was Gonzo from Indiana – one of the most kind, God-fearing men I’ve ever met. Steph was equally awesome (and since she lives in Delaware we want someone to create the Steph and Becca show). She is an incredible cake/fondant girl so I was crossing my fingers fondant wouldn’t be involved in our surprise challenge! Also a mom, we were able to chat about missing our kids and share photos – we fell into an easy friendship immediately.


I also met Megan and Kelly, the talented make up artists who made me look a lot better than I actually do. They were wonderful, kindred spirit types and we became fast friends. Megan had a 7 week old baby she was leaving for the first time – she showed me a picture of her daughter’s poopy diaper and when this happened, I knew she liked me.


Monday was back story day. The producers make you say things like, “I think I can win”. They kept having to make me sound more convincing on phrases like that, so we had to do like three takes. If I come off as overly confident or annoying – please blame the editing because the fact was, I was absolutely terrified.

Tuesday morning we were up at 4:30 am (got to love that time change) and took a walk to watch the sun come up!


The next three days were a blur of challenges, nerves, sweaty armpits, and stomach aches. That being said, we rented bikes, pedaled over the Golden Gate bridge and visited the Walt Disney museum on our day off.



And a few from the set:




There were two challenges. Here is a picture of me with my finished trifle – thank goodness things went as planned. I don’t know if they’ll show it on TV but I even finished early!


Here’s a pic of the second challenge – it was a surprise and definitely not a happy one. I all but blacked out while putting it together but somehow ended up with a dessert. Here is a picture of my finished product – any guesses what it is?


I won’t tell you who won – you will have to watch the show! I will let you know when it airs.

Overall it was a FABULOUS time with my amazing mom…delicious wines with dinner and so much girl talk I don’t know how we had any words left. I met new friends and realized I love to cook in front of the camera  – I guess you don’t know that sort of thing until you actually do it. I will remember this week forever!



We actually ate the last trifle before going through security on Friday morning. We hate to waste food.

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