Video for Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfast Sandwiches

Video for Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfast Sandwiches

Have I mentioned before that I seriously suffer in the tech department? The fact that this blog exists at all is entirely due to my brother in law, Tom, who bought the domain space and invented the name (and then taught me how to make posts).

This past September Tom told me he wanted to make a cooking video with me. Him and his friend (Tom, yes that’s right) came over and filmed two recipes of my choosing; I picked two existing recipes that would benefit from explanatory footage. The first was the healthier version make-ahead-and-freeze breakfast sandwiches, and he has footage for the simple soft pretzels but hasn’t edited it yet (that’s to come). Regardless, he edited what he filmed and put it on youtube for my birthday! He’s the best.

It’s really awkward to watch yourself on video. That being said, if you’ve made this recipe before or want more info on it, this video will answer all of your questions! This is a favorite of mine because I love having healthy, high protein, low calorie food available for when I walk into the kitchen SO hungry that I can’t even think about cooking. This sandwich could be ready in as long as it takes you to toast a piece of bread, but it’s a complete meal.

And then get thee to the grocery store!


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