Ice Cream Cake – EASY Alert!

Ice Cream Cake – EASY Alert!

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll see that items like cool whip, jello pudding mix, ranch seasoning packets and dried lipton soup packs are quite the rarity. No judgment. We all buy, cook, and eat our own items that suit our own tastes. Perhaps it’s my mother’s fault – pretty sure she wishes she lived in colonial days. 

When Uncle Jimmy asked for a dessert that included ice cream for his birthday, I took to Pinterest. There were big ol’ cakes that served like twenty people and required more work than I was ready to put in (Jim – my love for you is not undermined by my lack of kitchen time). I just couldn’t deny that this one particular ice cream sandwich version looked delicious and silly easy.

True story – Rich said he was going to walk Tessa up to RiteAide to buy batteries for yet another microphone-type toy (I think everyone on my block has now heard her ear piercing rendition of Let It Go). They were gone about 12 minutes, give or take. I had made and cleaned up the cake by the time they returned! If you want to make this even easier, use that “magic shell” chocolate sauce instead of the ganache.

So easy and so good that my husband (as well as the birthday boy) had thirds. Yes, thirds. I will undoubtedly be making this again and again when I’m in a pinch on time and want an ice cream dessert that serves a smaller amount of peeps. Perfection!

Ice Cream Cake – Easy Alert!

Serves 6-8

10 Ice cream sandwiches

4 c. Ice Cream of choice (I used Chocolate Peanut Butter), softened

1 Container Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies

1/2 c. heavy whipping cream

1/2 c. chocolate chips

1. Line a 9×5 inch loaf pan (glass or metal both work) with a foil sling – fold foil so that it sits across the bottom and overhangs the side both lengthwise and widthwise.

2. Wedge 5 ice cream sandwiches into the bottom of the pan, widthwise. I had to trim about an inch off of each one. They should fit as snuggly as possible.


3. Place two cups of ice cream on top and smooth to evenly to edges.


4. Top with remaining five sandwiches – no trimming this time as the pan gets wider as it goes up.


5. Top with remaining ice cream and spread evenly across surface.


6. Place about 10 cookies in a ziplock bag and smash to crumbs. Sprinkle across ice cream and press them in with your hands so they adhere.


7. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze at least two hours or up to a week.

8. In the mean time, make ganache (can be made hours or days ahead). Heat cream in a small sauce pan until it bubbles. Remove from heat and pour over chocolate in a small mixing bowl. Stir until evenly combined. Let sit until cooled and store in the fridge. Microwave until spreadable when ready to use.

9. When ready to eat, pull foil sling up and out of loaf pan. Put a serving plate up against the crumbs and flip over so the cake is sitting crumb-side-down on serving plate.

10. Spread top (and sides if desired) with ganache, working quickly. Finish with cookies stuck diagonally across top of cake. Cut into slices and serve.



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