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Bacon and Leek Pizza

Hurricane Party! I was REALLY craving some homemade pizza. Like, it was almost all I could think about. Saturday night turned into a hurricane pizza party with the imminent arrival of Irene. I was going to make one “plain” since we had a toddler coming, one eggplant, one jalapeno, and one fun “white” pizza....

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Eggplant Lasagna- the White Version

Apparently I like eggplant lasagna, huh? I made this lasagna in gargantuan proportions for a catering job last fall and a certain friend happened to be in attendance. Since then she has been hinting at me making this for her; it hasn’t happened yet BUT now she can make it herself, because here’s the...

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Middle Eastern Turkey Wraps

Reaaallly struggled to name this one. I came home from Wegmans (which, by the way, is AWESOME) with some turkey cutlets. I went to and searched around a bit. I found a recipe for “Shawarma” which is a Middle Eastern dish in which the name more accurately describes the cooking method than the...