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Middle Eastern Turkey Wraps

Reaaallly struggled to name this one. I came home from Wegmans (which, by the way, is AWESOME) with some turkey cutlets. I went to and searched around a bit. I found a recipe for “Shawarma” which is a Middle Eastern dish in which the name more accurately describes the cooking method than the...

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Foil Pack Fish and Veggies

This recipe is balancing out every unhealthy thing I’ve ever posted. It’s “health” in a foil packet. That’s almost what I named it but thought I should go the more technically descriptive route. If you don’t like fish, this would absolutely work with chicken, too.

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Turkey Enchiladas

So, today is our “transition” from dairy to meat. When I taught the manicotti lesson I explained that if you like lasagna, ravioli and stuffed shells then you’d love manicotti, since it’s basically the same thing in a varied form. Same as enchiladas. If you like tacos, burritos, taquitos, quesadillas, etc, you will like...