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Chewy Granola Bites

I’d be willing to bet that if you interviewed five self-described “healthy eaters,” their diets would look radically different. For instance, was my pre-Becca husband considered healthy when he was eating four protein bars a day (but they were organic!)? Or was I healthy during my dark-chocolate, sugar-free pudding craze (only 60 calories!)?

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Cranberry, Orange and Pecan Bread

The cranberry would be like the really mean cranky great aunt in the berry family. Super sour, pretty much inedible when eaten alone. Add a bottom-load of sugar, though, and good things happen. Cue the cranberry sauce. Cranberries pair famously with oranges, cue this delicious bread. As easy to make as banana bread, but...

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Okay kids, easiest recipe ever! This is nearly impossible to screw up. If you are just learning to cook and want to make something that will SURELY turn out like it should, cornbread is for you.